Lots of things have changed since the first appearance of internet. The only “standard” up to today in the worldwide world is the use of electronic mail as the most usual action (sending – receiving email) for the internet users .

As tool, e-mail is also proved very adoptive regarding the type of messages that it can send (from simple text, to text with references, pictures, video and richmedia).

Consequently, it is proved a first class tool for your communication with prospective and existing customers.


The e-mail as a tool is ideal in order to…

  • make a first contact with your prospective customers
  • answer to customers’ questions
  • inform about news and company’s activities
  • inform about new products and upgrades
  • send reminders
  • make a market research - satisfaction of your customers reconnect with inactive customers communicate with mass media



With the e-mail marketing services that we provide, you will be able to:

  • impress the communication objectives with existing and prospective customers
  • find the public that you want to address (new customers) and to enrich the database of your email recipients
  • manage the recipient list based on your communication objective or the buying history of customer edit a message - from a simple thankful answer up to newsletter - that will be read
  • avoid the SPAM, meaning the characterization of your messages as undesirable select the right time in order to you send your message
  • manage the incoming messages, the unreplied and the deletions measure continuously the results of your effort via analytic reports