Step 1: Designing your online strategy

In this step you will help us understand your business, your products and services, your market and competitors, your positioning and image you want to project, in order to determine exactly which online services you need. Do you need a site or a blog? Social Media or Google Adwords? Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube? This is how we will be able to create the right digital mix of services for your company.


Step 2: Designing your voice on the Internet

In this step we brainstorm with you to find the right content for your site or e-shop, your social media presence, your email newsletter and your online ads. You tell us how you want to be perceived by your clients and how you want to differ from competition, we review what content (photos, text, video) you already have and we propose more or new content that will make up your site, social media, newsletter and ads, so as to create your authentic “voice” on the internet.

If you want to revamp an existing site, social media presence or online campaign, we go through an evaluation of what worked and what didn’t, you let us know the things you want to “keep”, and we make redesign proposals

If you start from scratch, our designers, copy writers and marketing team are here to help you build your image from ground zero.


Step 3: Creating your presence online

This is the step that take time … for many agencies. Not for us! The “secret” is that we have spent enough time in step 2 so as to know what you are looking for in your new online presence. One more meeting is required for your approval and your business’s new digital presence will go on line.

Step 4: Training & Support

Having your site online, your social media presence ready, or your Google Adwords campaign running, is the real beginning of a project, not the end. If you choose to run your business online by yourself, we’ll give you a 4 hour training in our premises to make you capable of managing your online presence yourself.

At all times, we’ll be there to support you and give you new ideas on how to keep your online presence fresh and appealing to your clients and ahead of competitors.